LaBella 10-inch fettuccine pasta by Ralcorp Holdings, Inc., is a premium dry domestic pasta made using a bronze die to create a coarse surface and typically cooked and served with pasta sauce.  * One 5-pound film bags

* Raw and finished portion dimensions are 10 inches long by 0.2 inch wide by 0.1 inch high

* 1 pound dry pasta yields six to eight servings

* Made of 100-percent hard amber durum wheat to produce the finest Italian-grade semolina

* Boil pasta at a slow rolling boil, using 4 quarts of water per pound of pasta, stirring frequently

* Cook 11 to 12 minutes until firm to the bite, remove from heat, drain and serve with pasta sauce

* Store in a clean, dry space at a temperature between 45 and 95 F

Fettucine Pasta 5 lbs